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Minute Monday: Japan Relief Raffle

With the raffle ending on Monday, we released this weeks Minute Monday a few days late. So here it is with the winner of our raffle. Congratulations to Jason Edward Rodriguez from Toronto, Canada for being the lucky winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated and especially to Leader Bikes for donating the 2011 725 frameset.

Shot by: Reggie Ballesteros & Jeff Pepito
Edited by: Reggie Ballesteros & Jeff Pepito

Music: Explosions in The Sky – Your Hand in Mine

St. Patty’s Day Dash

Registration begins at 7:00pm at Bassett Track. After party at Jack’s Bar (drink specials!) to follow and food trucks will be on site at Bassett throughout the evening. Don’t miss out on this!

SkullyBoom for iMiNUSD: Limited Release SB1

The SkullyBoom + iMD SB1’s has been a project long awaited since we first carried SkullyBoom in the shop. This portable speaker system slaps pretty hard for something that only needs an hour charge, and plays any device with an auxiliary port. The SB1’s can last up to 4 hours full blast and comes with a retractable auxiliary cord to prevent fraying. They come fitted with tough housing and a sturdy clip to stay fastened to you while you ride, whether you’re out for distance or turning tricks. Oh yeah, and it’s a limited run so get ’em while you can right here. Hit the jump for detailed tech specs on the Skullyboom + iMD SB1’s.  Continue reading

Minute Mondays: Hellyer Park Velodrome

February 6th, 2011, Hellyer Park Velodrome opened up the gates for this year’s season of track racing and training sessions. iMiNUSD was there to capture the action and film our riders racking up their points. With Hellyer being just one of 22 surviving outdoor tracks in America, it has a long standing history of world class riders gracing its embankments. For more information on the track, visit

Tim Tsuruda
Marc Marino
Nick Rasmusan

Song: The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You

Shot by: Reggie Ballesteros
Edited by: Reggie Ballesteros and Jeff Pepito

iMD minute mondays 01

Another iMD Minute Monday to start the week. Donghoh and Wreckless rollin’ around Downtown San Jose and hittin’ some spots on campus. Wait till next week where you’ll see the guys shredding the Wheel Talk Compound.

Donghoh Han
Anthony ” Wreckless” Combs

Song: Mayer Hawthorne – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out

Shot by: Reggie Ballesteros
Edited by: JP Flores

one year anniversary scalleycat wrap-up.

Despite the wet weather conditions, a good number of people still came out our One Year Anniversary 24-hour scalleycat. And rightfully so, as there were frames and complete bikes on the line. Cinelli was kind enough to throw in a Vigorelli and Garret Chow of MASH SF threw in a custom one-off Globe Roll as well. We had about 15 teams enter, all of which were set on taking home something nice given the inclement weather.

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kris lockedcog: vegas, baby.

Kris threw up a little short of the shennanies that takes place when we aren’t on our bikes. With all the stuff goin’ on in our lives, we got to find a way to unwind right? Interbike in Las Vegas is reason enough to celebrate our hard work and friendships we’ve made along the way. Good look, Kris!


It is with great regret that we must postpone the iMD Anniversary Trick Comp to a later date due this weekend’s weather conditions. Looks like it’ll be raining all day Sunday, so we are saving the ramps and obstacles for a nice day. Stay tuned for when we announce when the Trick Comp will take place.

The good news is that the 24 HOUR SCALLEYCAT will still be taking place this Saturday at 2pm. We got loads of prizes so be sure not to miss it!

one year anniversary weekend: November 20 & 21.

Save the Dates: November 20 & 21, 2010.

Saturday, November 20: SJF Relationship Series Finale Scalleycat (Fixed/SS)
Sunday, November 21: Trick Comp and Prize Ceremony

This marks the end of the SJFixed Relationship Series as well as our One Year Anniversary. We have the whole weekend lined up with a Scalleycat on Saturday, and a Trick Comp and Prize Ceremony on Sunday. If you’ve been to any of our events, you know this one isn’t to be missed. More information to follow, so stay tuned!

Velo City 2010: Gold Sprints @iMD

the relationship series: one night stand alleycat!!

SJFixed is hosting the second installment of The Relationship Series Saturday, May 29th at 6PM. The start will be here at iMiNUSD, 112 Paseo De San Antonio, San Jose, California. Please take note: This will be a night race!! Although it isn’t mandatory, we will be providing raffle tickets to those who come prepared with helmets and adequate lights. So everyone has a chance at winning something just for racing safely.

As always, iMiNUSD encourages all racers to ride safe and to ride smart. There is no need to remind you how important it is to wear a helmet and have proper lighting at all times, and especially for this race! We are excited to see everyone come out to this as there will be food and drinks served promptly after the race. Finally, a big thanks goes to all the sponsors and hope to see you all this Saturday!


via velo trick jam May 15th.

We will be hosting a free trick comp at the Via Velo festivities on Saturday May 15th. Come find the iMiNUSD tent on San Fernando. The entire street of San Fernando will be closed down for this event. The entire event will go from 10am-3pm.

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donghoh’s shorts.

Donghoh’s been doin’ work out here. Nice to see him put out these shorts to keep us updated on his new stuff. Lookin’ right!


taylor dwight, new and old.

This is why our team rider, Taylor, placed third in the country at Midwest Mayhem! He rides so effortlessly and pulls huge tricks without fear. We are definitely going to miss you when you head off to school. But at least we’ll have a place to crash when we come out to the East Coast! Great Job on the edit and we’ll see you soon.


kris visits san jose.

It’s always nice seeing our homies come down to San Jose to pay us a little visit. Just yesterday, Kris of Locked Cog swung by the shop to hang out and shoot the shit. The sun was shining and the security gaurds at Skiddy Hall were off duty so we decided to take advantage. This is how it all went down. Good shit, Kris! Let us know when your comin’ down again so we can hit some different spots.