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A few more Ride + Style Photos

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local artiste.

Local photographer Joe Claus’ exhibition “My Neighbors,” is on display again at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in downtown San Jose.

“My Neighbors” is a collection of photographs of small business owners in San Jose.

It’s located on the second floor of the library, and Mark is prominently shown on the front wall underneath the exhibit sign.

If you’re interested in living that lifestyle and would like to attend the opening reception, it’s this Saturday (Nov. 6th) from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.  The exhibit is showing now and will be on display until Nov. 30th.

winter riding accessories.

Winter Riding Apparel
It has been pretty wet and cold in San Jose as of late.  Here is a list of biking accessories that can help keep you stay warm and dry during the winter season.

Front and Rear Fenders–  Essential for preventing the wet pavement from splashing all over your clothes.

Riding Gloves–  Not just any gloves, but riding gloves.  They keep your hands warm, but are also breathable so moisture/sweat doesn’t get trapped inside.

Waterproof shell jacket w/ ventilation:  Combine a shell jacket and a couple of layers (depending on how cold it is), and you have yourself a formidable pair to combat any type of inclement weather.

Waterproof Bags–  Messenger bags, backpacks, pouches, and hip packs.  The only way to keep the water out of your precious belongings is to have bag that is waterproof.

Scarf/Neck gator– Exposing your face and neck to the harsh winter winds can make riding a chore, rather than a fun activity.

Headgear–  I think the saying goes that you lose 90% of your body heat through your noggin.  Add a cycling cap or beanie underneath your helmet for added warmth.

Arm/leg warmers–  Not only do these keep you warm, but they also wick away sweat for a much more comfortable ride.

Base layers–  Wearing cotton t-shirts underneath all of your layers can add to the sauna effect, so investing in a nice polyester type base layer will keep you warm and dry.

You can pick most of these items up at iMinusD.
Winter Riding Apparel
Here Matt is ready for the rain with the Mash Histogram Cycling Cap, Continental Rain Jacket, Specialized Edge Gloves, Osloh Track Jeans, and is running the front and rear SKS Fenders.
Winter Riding Apparel

hooligan havoc trick comp recap.

A good amount of tarckstars and curious onlookers showed up to the trick comp on Friday.  The riders got a few minutes each (depending on the round) to showcase their tricks.

The course was pretty small, but it did feature a ramp and a quarterpipe placed against a truck.

DongHoh and John finished within the top 5.  Congrats!

one night stand alleycat recap.

The helmets were out and the lights were on at the One Night Stand Alleycat on Saturday night.

There were 3 checkpoints: Britannia Arms in Cupertino, a Motel 6 in Santa Clara, and Planned Parenthood in San Jose.

The beginning of the race started off with everyone doing the crab walk to their bikes.  (crabs, get it?)

Capping off the race was the controversial STD quiz at the finish line (iMD shop) which penalized the racer for each question answered incorrectly.

The top 5 finishers were:

1. Darin W 1:44:05 (+30)
2. Matt D 1:44:25 (+45)
3. Nick 1:48:16 (+0)
4. Evan 1:48:40 (+15)
5. Tim 1:49:00 (+45)

Participants who didn’t have the fastest times still had a chance at some prizes.  There was a raffle for all riders who had helmets and lights.

It definitely wasn’t a G-rated alleycat, as each checkpoint featured some sort of sexual innuendo that may or may not have had a happy ending.  Good times!

last weekend this weekend: via velo.

Props to Kevin for putting this short little video together from last Saturday’s Via Velo in downtown San Jose.

via velo iminusd booth mini recap.

iMiNUSD had a booth setup at Via Velo in downtown San Jose on Saturday.

A good portion of San Fernando Street was shutdown to through traffic and open only to pedestrians and bikes.

The whole event promoted biking and environmental awareness in San Jose.

There was a good turnout for all of the festivities, and iMD also held a trick competition near Cesar Chavez Park.

Some of the cycling aficionados in attendance had never seen fixed gear tricks before, so having the trick competition really did open some eyeballs.

Stay tuned for more pictures from Via Velo.

bike to work day is 5.13.2010

Bike to Work Day!!!

Just in case you forgot, Thursday is Bike to Work Day.

If you normally don’t bike to work, BTWD is the perfect way to get started.  There should be energizer stations near where you live or work.

If you already commute to work by bike, good for you!  You might be able to get some additional goodies and tools at your local stations.

San Francisco Bay Area 16th Annual Bike to Work Day.

bike to work day.

Yes, I know this is a couple of weeks out, but Bike to Work Day is May 13th.

There are going to be energizer stations in San Jose (and throughout Santa Clara County) where you can pick up free swag.

The nearest one to iMiNUSD is at 4th St. and San Fernando (one block away), where the Martin Luther King Jr. Library is located.

We’ll remind you again in a week.

Gnarcotix premiere recap

Thank you everybody for coming out to the Gnarcotix premiere at iMiNUSD last night!  We had over 150 people crammed in and around the store.

If you missed out on the movie, then you missed out on Fonseca jumping around shirtless from bed to bed in a hotel room.  Jealous?

Thought so.  But wait, there’s more.  The Gnarcotix film also featured a whole lot of mashing, tricks and other fixed shenanigans.

Just look at how many bikes there were at the premiere.  Do you know how many are in that bike pile?

Seriously, do you know?  Kevin is still trying to figure that out.

iMiNUSD will definitely be having more of these in the future, especially with summer right around the corner.  It’s a great way to mingle with other riders and make new friends.

And of course thanks to Gnarcotix for putting together their labor of love and sharing it with iMD and the fixed community.


goodbye to caltrain as we know it.

If you live in the Bay Area, you have probably heard that Caltrain might be cutting their services to just “commute hours” only.

That means no more midday rides, night rides or weekend rides.

I’m pretty sure that a few of our readers probably take the train on a daily basis.  And probably even more take Caltrain on the weekends or just sporadically.

Imagine having to buy a second car, or being forced to move closer to work because of something like this.  A person in the article below just might have to do that.

From a less serious standpoint, what about all of those alleycats, swapmeets, and lazy Sunday rides in between San Francisco and San Jose?

Better start figuring out carpools.

Mercury News


japan is full of geeks.

A beautiful day today!  The sky was clear, and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

Since I was staying in Asakusa for the evening, I thought I would pay Punch Cycle a visit in the morning.  One of our readers, U-ism, pointed out that it might be permanently closed down.  I spoke to a few people and they did say that it was still running, however I came before store opening.

I then hopped on the subway to visit the fellas over at Geek Garage at Naka-megura. 

Kenta greeted me at the door, and showed me around.  I asked him if he had heard of iMINUSD, and he gave me a perplexed look.  I reached into my iMINUSD goodie bag and pulled out some stickers and his eyes lit up.

“iMINUSD!  Yes, I check the blog everyday!” 

How cool is that?  We then performed the ancient Japanese ritual, iminusdeskeageekgaragedesu, or the exchanging of the goods.

Daich, one of the mechanics, took some time to show off a super beefy Gorilla Kilroy.  Check out those tires.

He even busted a few tricks for me, Ill post up the hilarious vids later.

Thanks guys!

I decided to then head back over to Harajuku, to visit the sister store, Dept.  It is really similar to iMD, because it has a clothing portion and also a bike section.

I met Yuda and Tama, who were both working the desk area at Geek Garage Tokyo.  We like giving things out at iMINUSD, so here is a picture of Yuda holding up an iMD hoody.

Unfortunately my communication skills broke down again, but we were still able to understand each other just enough.

Minato, aka Buffa, part of the Yoyogi Park Crew, offered to show me the sex.  Sexon that is.

I really had no idea what he was talking about, until about 25 minutes later.  During our walk, he showed me a film on his iPhone of a sick film that he and his crew made.

Then we finally got to Dreamworks.  A dream come true for any NJS Keirin fan.  The owner, Tidach (sp) was working on a bike outside.  Just check out the goods.

Not even a block away from Dreamworks was Sexon Super Peace.  Another beautiful NJS boutique owned by Shinichiro.

Gorgeous NJS frames were displayed hanging from the ceiling.  I felt bad because I had run out of iMINUSD goodies to share.  Awesome store Shinichiro.

Minato “Buffa” told me that they will probably meet tomorrow evening at around 10pm.  Im hoping that I can make it out to their session.  Thanks for taking the time to show me around! 

All of the bikers and shop workers have been really gracious and patient in taking the time to show me around.  If you guys ever visit iMINUSD in California, we will return the favor no doubt!

Arigato gozhaimus!

fixed throughout japan.

It stopped raining yesterday, after raining for the first two days that I was here.  I’m already starting to see a lot more riders out (fixed and otherwise).

When it comes to fixed gear bikes in Japan, Tokyo gets all the attention; and rightfully so.  Tokyo is probably the first city that comes to mind when talking about fixed gears and Japan.

I took the shinkansen (bullet train) 3 hours west of Tokyo to Kyoto. 

The shops are open pretty late, so I wandered around downtown Kyoto.  Walking around late at night in the U.S can be dangerous at times, especially in dark alleyways.

In Japan, it is quite the opposite; you can find some amazing shops and restaurants off the main streets in areas that “look” sketchy (but are completely safe).

That’s how I came across Chickennot, a small fixed gear boutique not unlike iMINUSD.  I probably wouldn’t even have seen it if not for the custom Chickennot painted bike out front.


The shop carried a bunch of random fixed gear parts and accessories.  And again, my poor communication skills prohibited me from having much of a conversation with the proprietor.

It makes me sad that I didn’t go to a mall kiosk back home to legally purchase a copy of Rosetta Stone.

Just outside Himiji Castle was a small bike shop, which looked really promising, but was closed.

The next few days should be pretty interesting, especially now that the rain is gone.

japan already knows。

Still not sure how to work the keyboards over here properly.

Today I hit up W-Base, FTC, and StarfuckerS。

The shops are hard to find、えsぺ氏アlly新背イt和sらいにんg、

I met up with Toku at W-Base, and then later the owner came in and we chopped it up ふぉrァびt。

Right down the street from W-場せ FTC インHarujuku/Shibuya. FTC had this sweet frame オンぢspぁy。

The hardest shop to find by far was Starfuckers.  I seriously don:t even know how I found it.

I believe the directions I got were,“Go south and north simultaneously, but also triangle.”  

Ⅰ don:t even question anymore, I just do as I:m told, because the Japanese folks here have been really 偽案dnice and helpful.

Out in the cuts somewhere ァfてrafter 2 or 3 subway transfers I found it.  It; was Tucked away in a somewhat secluded area next to a few other random shops.

I was greeted by Koske, who was building up some new Fuji bikes.  I asked him if he knew iMINUSD, and he said yes!

Koske 所ウェsdめshowed me around the shop a bit, and I spoke with some others as well.  

I want to share more with you guys, but the computers here aren:t the most American friendly. 

It has also been raining nonstop.  Hopefully I can continue reporting; probably within the next couple of days. Arigato!

tokyo is crazy.

I arrived in Japan to complete chaos. As I am writing this post 利ghtnow, random Kanji characters are popping up。on the hostel;s computer.

The language barrier is definitely somewhat of a problem, since I do not know a lick of Japanese and my English is already poor。

Not only that, but it has been raining nonstop here, which really does make it more exhilarating. 

It]s already night time over here, so I:m hoping the weather clears up by tomorrow.  Maybe even access to a better computer.  Haha